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tibia álexis®


also called Mirliton or Eunuch-flute (»tibia quam vulgo nuncupant Eunucham« Mersenne) or Speachdrum

A Mirliton is no „membranophone“ but an instrument changing the player‘s sound and is used for humming. It almost works like a ‘kazoo‘. Through humming a membran (originally from onion inner skin) is activated that gives the sound a strong rustle quality. An instrument everybody can play (from baby to grandfather). It is an incredibly delicate and sensible musical instrument proved to be excellent for therapy.

I build Mirlitons representing originals from Munic, Lucerne and Budapest. All models are available in different sizes.

It is called „tibia álexis“ because of the effects that can be seen in therapeutical applications: defense against illnesses - protection from illnesses.








My rebec is a reproduction of the oldest known rebec from the 13th century (formerly in the collection of „Preußischer Kulturbesitz“). Having three strings (g-d-a) you will be surprised to find out that it does not sound like a „croaking raven“ but like a small violin with a wonderful timbre.

sideview of the original
Made from maple- or fruitwood with finger board and pegs from high grade timber and gut strings for g and d.


Pitch sticks for transverse flutes (to adjust the corc stop) can be played as a piccolo flute (without claim of correct intonation or tuning). Various wood materials are available


A luxury flute cleaner made of many of various high grade wood materials.